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What is Bee Therapy?
Bee Therapy is the use of bee products to alleviate a variety of illnesses, injuries, and chronic diseases.  It has been practiced for thousands of years by cultures all over the world.  Many modern medicines and beauty creams contain bee products, and scientists around the globe are researching the many benefits.  Bees produce six powerful products including venom, honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and wax.  Bee therapy is most effective when locally produced products are used in the treatments.
Bee Venom consists of over 20 beneficial chemicals shown to alleviate chronic pain, inflammation, nerve issues, and can provide natural relief for symptoms that have been previously treated with harsh drugs or untreatable at all.

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Honey is high in anti-oxidants and natural sugars that are highly beneficial to the human body.  It provides protection from many free radicals and cancer causing agents.  Honey is used in teas, foods, skin treatments, and taken for energy.

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Pollen is high in protien and the main ingredients of many energy pills on the market.  Pollen is also used to reduce or eliminate local allergies from plants and trees and is often prescribed by family doctors instead of dangerous medications. 

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Wax produced by honey bees is used to store honey and pollen, and creates the basis of a bee hive.  Wax is used in beauty products, candles, dental molds, and many other products around the house and in the medical world.

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Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly is fed to the Queen of a hive and is rich in amino acids, protein, sugars, and many other beneficial compounds.  Royal Jelly extends the life of a queen by over 1000% of a regular worker bee, prompting scientists to begin tests.

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Propolis is a compound derived from trees that is anti-bacterial and is used as a sealant for hives.  Propolis is highly valued and used in both medical salves as well as expensive beauty products including skin creams and wrinkle reducers.

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