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Bees are becoming extinct
Donate and help us repopulate the US bee population.
Over 60% of the global honey bee population has either disappeared or have been africanized, creating bees that are violent and aggressive and produce little usable product like honey or propolis. 
You may have seen news broadcasts in your community discussing the millions of dollars that have already been lost due to the decline in bee populations across the nation.

This is your opportunity to help make a difference.  Your donation to the BeeTherapy.org goes towards repopulating the native populations of honey bees in the United States.  This has the benefit of providing more fruits, vegetables, reduced pollen, and less "pest" bugs.

Every dollar matters; a single bee hive can produce up to 100,000 bees in a healthy colony, and spawn more colonies in the wild.  Help us make a difference.

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